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ground floorplan, Wise Campus Center


textbooksNot just textbooks … pick up tech essentials from ear buds to thumb drives. Get Norwich gear and garb, from travel mugs to sweatshirts. And you’ll find a full range of office supplies as well, along with sodas and all sorts of snacks. more about the bookstore

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copy center

copierPaperless world … not yet. Need to crank out copies of articles assigned by your professor? Need a hard copy of anything? Stop by. They’ll help you with all your print needs, from class notes to resumé materials (it never hurts to send a hard copy along with digital).

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Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin' DonutsPick up a cup of New England’s most popular coffee on your way to class, along with freshly baked donuts, sandwiches and other treats. DunkinDonuts.com

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mailslotsKick back with friends, go to work with your study group or seclude yourself and drill into your latest homework assignment. Wireless access ensures you’ll be able to find the resources you need.

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mailslotsPackage from home? Old friends took the time to connect via snail mail? It’s waiting for you here. Order an essential accessory? You’ll find it here. Don’t discount mail services — care packages from home don’t fit into email attachments.

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Partridge’s Pub

two glasses of beerTwenty one years or older? Come on in. They’ll pull you a draft (Vermont microbrews a
specialty) or fill your glass with a nice vintage. Rehash the week, or branch into more involved matters. And there’s sustenance at hand, with access to the Mill’s snack bar. But you won’t overdo … there’s a three-drink maximum.

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Mill lounge and snack bar

pool ballsReady to recharge after a trying day? Step inside and treat yourself to a game of pool or settle in with a board game or DVD player. If you need nourishment, pub grub is only seconds away and the shelves are full of selections to restock your dorm larder, from Ramen noodles to Fluff marshmallow spread. The Dunkin’ Donuts shop is just around the corner.

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Web kiosks

pointer cursor on blue backgroundForget your laptop, but need access to the Internet? Stop by the Web kiosks. You can get online, check your email, Facebook friends or track down course-related information.

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