Golden Anchor Society

The Golden Anchor Society is a highly motivated Norwich University club driven to improve the academic, physical, mental and moral development of its members, through physical training, team building exercises, Naval information briefs, organization of Naval themed events and club trips that directly relate to the expansion of Naval motivation and knowledge.

Members of the Golden Anchor Society club will expand their knowledge through both the study of Navy and Marine Corps traditions, history, weapon systems and tactics, and study important people who directly furthered the values and mission of both the Navy and Marine Corps. The club motto, “Give it All,” challenges members to live the motto in every aspect of their lives.

Semper Fidelis Society

The Semper Fidelis Society’s mission is to assist in the development of future leaders by promoting leadership through professional military education, physical and mental excellence, community service, fundraising, and observance of the Marine Corps’ lasting traditions. The Society will reinforce the Marine Corps’ values of honor, courage and commitment.

Student Veteran’s Council

The Norwich Student Veterans Council (SVC), the official local chapter of the national Student Veterans of America (SVA), is an organization of military and veteran students dedicated to living out our motto, “Camaraderie, Excellence, Service.” SVC is a diverse advocacy and fellowship organization, and all military and veteran students in any status, including delayed entry enlistees, are welcome.

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