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WDAM Construction Overview

Over the last few years, learning styles and teaching methods have been dramatically impacted by technology. Faculty members utilize a variety of teaching styles, and students tend to work in collaborative groups. Through enhanced technology and flexible spaces, the Webb, Dewey, Ainsworth, Mack (WDAM) Project will provide the tools and environment needed to foster all methods of learning. We want an academic atmosphere that is collaborative, student-oriented, and flexible while still reflecting the balance between technological advances and classic learning and teaching methods. These renovations will occur while maintaining a balance with the traditional Norwich atmosphere and are slated to be completed by Fall 2019.


Currently the academic buildings feature traditional lecture-style classrooms. The new renovations will augment lecture-style classrooms, active-learning classrooms, and seminar rooms. The net result will enable students and professors to have a more valuable learning and teaching experience. Currently, we have 32 classrooms. After the renovations, we will have 39 classrooms, an 18 percent increase.

Group Study Rooms and Open Lounges

With over 4,500 square feet dedicated to study spaces, this project includes a dramatic increase in the number of group study rooms and open lounges available for students within the academic buildings. These spaces will mostly be available in Webb and Mack, with a few in Dewey and Ainsworth. Norwich’s recent renovation of Kreitzberg Library has clearly shown a very strong desire for these spaces.

Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

In addition to classrooms and study spaces, meeting and conference rooms in the buildings are used for conference calls, meetings, and other events. With this project, there will be a 400 percent increase in the number of small and large meeting and conference rooms.

Enhanced and Collaborative Technology

A key goal of this project is to upgrade existing technology. Group study rooms, meetings rooms, and conference rooms will see the addition of collaborative tools for sharing screens, while instruction spaces will feature technology not available elsewhere.



Field work

The renovation of Sabine Field was a 10-month, $6 million project that brought outdoor sports to a new level at Norwich.
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Biomass plant

Now installed, two new woodchip boilers will save the school money on heating costs while significantly reducing harmful exhaust emissions.
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West Hall

Designed to accommodate 286 students, West Hall opened to students in August 2014.
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