Information for New Students

General information

What to bring

Packing 101 – Packing tips on what to bring, and what to leave home.

Housing and transportation for holidays and breaks

Norwich does not provide transportation or housing for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Spring Break. All students are expected to vacate residence halls or barracks by the announced closure time, when the buildings are closed and secured. Transportation to the airport, bus or train station may be arranged with the assistance of the Residence Life Office or the Commandant’s Office.

Phone privileges

Phone lines are installed in each residence hall room. Students are issued an individual phone code to make long-distance calls. Rooks will be awarded phone privileges during the first semester, and will be permitted to make phone calls at prearranged times or in case of an emergency.

Emergency contacts

For emergencies, call the Residence Life Office at 802.485.2660 or the Office of the Commandant at 802.485.2135. Evenings and weekends, call Campus Security at 802.485.2525 or the Guard Room at 802.485.2589.

The University Mailroom

Norwich has a full-service mailroom on campus, which provides services from both regular U.S. mail and UPS. Students will be assigned a private mailbox upon arrival. Mail sent to students prior to registration should be addressed to:

Norwich University
158 Harmon Dr.
Northfield, VT 05663-1035


Computer Services will issue email accounts to students, providing a university email address and Internet access. Students will receive a briefing about email during the first few weeks of school. Students may contact the Help Desk at 802.485.2456.


First-year students are not authorized to have a vehicle on campus. Students who have a commitment to drill with a National Guard or Reserve unit may be granted an exception to the policy and should contact the vice president for Student Affairs at 802.485.2135 for information on obtaining permission.

For questions, contact the Residence Life Office at 802.485.2660 or the Office of the Commandant at 802.485-2135.

Important Information for cadet students

What to bring

Packing 101 – Must-have items, recommended items, what’s prohibited, and what’s issued by Norwich.

Rook training and leave

Rooks participate in Corps and military training on Saturdays, and are not eligible for convenience leave. Special leave policies for Parents’ Weekend and Military Balls will be announced in advance. Rooks will be granted leave for emergencies or for National Guard and Reserve duty.

Parents’ Weekend

Rooks will be allowed to leave campus after the parade on Friday or their last academic class, and must return by 0900 on Saturday. Rooks may leave again after the football game but must return by 1600 Sunday. In all cases, a parent must accompany all rooks.

It is recommended that parents make early reservations for Parents’ Weekend. (View list of local accommodations)

Hair policy

All incoming rooks should expect to arrive at Norwich University with a military haircut. For female rooks, this means hair should be worn off the collar.

For all questions, contact the Commandant’s Office at 802.485.2135.

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