Housing for civilian residential students

At Norwich, all new residential students will be housed in either South Hall or Dalrymple Hall. The rooms in these state of the art residence halls are either singles or doubles.  Both halls have TV lounges, study lounges, recreation equipment (billiard table, foosball table, etc.), fitness room, and laundry facilities. You will receive information regarding your room assignment and roommates from the Residence Life Office in your Norwich University email. If you do not receive your housing assignment by the first week of August, please email the Residence Life Office at nureslife@norwich.edu.

Coordinate with roommates

Contact your roommate(s) as soon as you receive housing information. Residence hall rooms are adequate but not spacious so it is best to coordinate what you contribute, especially larger items. We encourage no more than one TV and one microwave per room. There are TVs in lounge areas and in the Wise Campus Center. We encourage each student to bring a computer.


The wardrobes provided for clothing storage can only hold so much. Be reasonable when packing and remember you can exchange clothing by the season during breaks.

Some common storage space is available, but we cannot store computer boxes or large pieces of luggage. Duffle bags and totes are great solutions, or you can send boxes and large pieces of luggage home with whoever brings you to campus. If you travel to Vermont via public transportation, your Resident Coordinator (RC) will assist you with storing your luggage. Boxes that remain on campus must break down for flat storage.

Be aware that fire regulations prohibit storing of bicycles in stairwells or hallways. Bring a heavy-duty lock for your bike. Bicycle storage can be arranged through the Residence Life Office.

Room construction

Get permission before you build anything in your room. This doesn’t mean that you can’t arrange your room with extras; just check it out with your Resident Coordinator (RC) before you construct anything. Permanently fixed items that are already installed, such as wall bookshelves, may not be removed from the walls. Shelving should not be attached to the walls or University furniture with glue, nails or screws.

We do not permit use of cinder blocks, incense, candles, halogen lamps or two-pronged extension cords. Only three-prong, heavy duty, surge-protectors that are UL approved are permitted.

For questions, call the Residence Life Office at 802.485.2660 or email nureslife@norwich.edu.

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